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My top priorities if elected will be to:

  1. Reduce Traffic Congestion by Stopping Overdevelopment in Kendall

  2. Reduce the High Cost of Living and Taxes

  3. Combat Government Corruption


Reduce Traffic Congestion by Stopping Overdevelopment in Kendall

“Traffic is the worst it’s ever been. I spend so much time each day in traffic congestion and it really angers me. Enough is enough. I want my time to spend with my family, not waiting for cars to move in seemingly endless traffic. We are the nation that put a man on the moon. We can solve Miami traffic! It can be done.” - Bryan Paz-Hernandez


Traffic congestion has reached unbearable levels. Enough! Developers are building too many new buildings. I will fight to stop overdevelopment in Kendall that contributes to congestion on the road.


I’ll also work to:

  • Improve and expand the bus rapid system.

  • Improve the bus system by investing in bus stop shelters that protect rides from the sun and rain, and ensure that the buses stop at the stops more frequently.


Combat Corruption

I am not a politician. I am a history teacher who is sick and tired of corrupt politicians who lie. Many politicians have broken our trust. I will propose bold ethics reforms to restore trust and integrity to county government. I will introduce campaign finance reform so that special interests don’t have a louder voice than you, the people.


Code of Ethics: Miami-Dade County should adopt a new and improved comprehensive code of ethics establishing clear standards of conduct for elected officials, government employees, and appointed officials. The code should outline ethical principles, such as honesty, integrity, impartiality, and respect for the public interest, and provide guidance on avoiding conflicts of interest and unethical behavior.


Conflict of Interest Disclosure Requirements: Miami-Dade County should have a  robust conflict of interest disclosure requirements that mandates that public officials and employees disclose their financial interests, investments, and relationships that may potentially influence their decision-making. Transparent disclosure helps identify and mitigate conflicts of interest, ensuring that government actions are free from undue influence.


Post-Employment Restrictions: I believe that post-employment restrictions should prohibit former government officials and employees from engaging in lobbying activities or representing clients before the government for a specified period after leaving public service. These restrictions help prevent the revolving door between government and special interests and reduce the potential for conflicts of interest.


Transparency and Open Government Laws: Miami-Dade County should have transparency and open government laws, such as freedom of information laws and open meeting laws, promoting accountability by ensuring that government actions are accessible to the public. Increased transparency fosters trust in Miami-Dade County government and allows citizens and the press to hold their elected officials accountable for their decisions.


By implementing these policies and fostering a culture of ethical behavior and accountability, Miami-Dade County can strengthen public trust.


Creating Good Paying Jobs That Can Actually Support You and Your Family

Today, many of us lack a job that pays us well enough to comfortably raise our families. Many of us don’t have health insurance because we can’t afford it. Every month when the bills come in, we feel anxious and a sense of dread. In the richest nation on Earth, the wealthiest country in the history of human civilization, no one should have to experience financial hardship.


I will work hard every single day as your commissioner to make sure companies across the nation learn about the great benefits of investing in District 11. I will work to incentivize companies to build new factories and establish offices here so that they can hire people and not just provide jobs, but provide good paying jobs that actually provide enough money to support you and your family. Politicians always promise jobs. It’s not that hard to bring in poor paying jobs that keep people in poverty. I will keep his promise of a good paying job. It is fundamental to his core beliefs.


Affordable Housing and Reducing Property Taxes

Miami rent is too damn high! Rents keep going up while wages stay stagnant. This is unacceptable. While coaching folks on their finances at United Way Miami, I learned about the practice by numerous landlords to raise rent by hundreds of dollars from one lease contract to the other. In one case, I learned about a $500 increase which caused the tenant to be evicted. This is causing an increase in homelessness and cases where employed people are living in their cars.


As commissioner, I will make it a top priority to reduce rents, help residents to refinance their mortgages to get a better deal, and invest in the construction of new affordable housing units for the thousands of residents who are spending most of their income on rent.


I will also reduce property taxes so that you can keep more of your hard earned money.


Reducing the High Cost of Home Insurance

As I knock on doors and talk to people, an issue that comes up over and over again is the rising cost of homeowner insurance. Residents are demanding financial relief. As commissioner, I will fight for policies that will reduce homeowner insurance costs by supporting home resiliency projects. These policies include:


Risk Mitigation Programs: Miami-Dade County should invest in infrastructure projects that reduce the risk of natural disasters, such as flood barriers, wildfire prevention measures, and improved building codes. By mitigating these risks, insurers may offer lower premiums to homeowners.


Tax Incentives for Home Protections: Miami-Dade County should invest in providing tax incentives to homeowners who invest in disaster-resistant home improvements, such as installing hurricane shutters, reinforcing roofs, or upgrading to fire-resistant materials. These incentives can reduce the financial burden on homeowners and encourage proactive risk management.


By implementing these measures, we can help reduce homeowner insurance costs and improve the overall resilience of communities to natural disasters and other risks.


Reducing SunPass Toll Fees and Stopping New Tolls

I’ll fight to reduce SunPass highway toll fees and stop the construction of new ones.


I’ve spoken to so many people in Kendall who’ve told me face-to-face that they have paid hundreds of dollars to SunPass in just one year. Some even have debt from toll fees. That is unacceptable!


When you drop off your kid to school, you don’t have to pay a “school day fee”. When you drive on a public highway, you shouldn’t have to pay an exorbitant amount of money just to get to work.


The corrupt relationship between the government and SunPass has to be put to an end. SunPass keeps making more and more money while you are forced to give away more and more of your hard-earned money.


As county commissioner, I’ll advocate to reduce the fees so that the total amount you pay in one year isn’t high. And we must stop with the non-stop construction of new highway tolls. It’s clear that they keep building new ones so that SunPass can make more money. This must end and I will end it.

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